Antiques All At Unbeleivable Wholesale Prices To The Public!



Our 222nd container of antique furniture has been sold, an auction cleaned out the building and we are now closed. The recession has taken its toll on our business. I thought we could weather the storm, but I was overly optimistic.

The old granary is for sale. The great old place served us well and still has a lot to offer to the right business. It has 17,000 square feet of interesting and very useful space. If you would like more information, please contact our real estate broker Gene Zinda at 503-434-2138, or

Thank you for 16 wonderful years! It was a great ride and good fun while it lasted!

This door has closed, but others are opening. Rob Steeves, COO/Director of RD Steeves Imports, has started Rob Steeves Imports LLC. The new company will offer container brokering and consolidation services for antique English and European furniture through the same excellent exporter who has been our source from the very beginning. Anyone who is interested in the services can view the content of this website as examples of what is available from our friends in England.

Rob Steeves Imports is also providing import and export consultation services to businesses and individuals who need assistance in these areas. The services will include sourcing manufacturers and suppliers of goods, carrier and route selection, US and foreign customs clearance assistance as well as any other areas of concern to the client. In summary, Rob Steeves Imports, as an international trade consultant, will oversee and facilitate trade between companies in different countries with the goal to make the process easier for all of the parties by finding positive solutions. A new website is under construction and will be up and running soon. It is

Rob Steeves can phoned at 503-550-3155, or

Thanks again to everyone for your patronage and support over the last 16 years!

All the best,
Rob Steeves
Phone 503-550-3155